Here are the 7 steps I would take if I was to start over from scratch

Hey, Have you have ever wanted to build a semi automated information business?

by Jason Szova

#1 Do what you love to do, whether it’s a passion or a hobby and make sure there are lots of hunger buyers in that market seeking a solution to their problem.

#2 Know that this is a business and you have to make something that people actually want to buy not what you think they will buy (this will make or break your success) You can do this by visiting forums,going to ask websites and looking into related product reviews and seeing what the pains and problems people are having and then using it as part of your marketing message.

#3 Making an MVP minimum viable product creating either an ebook or audio or video course related to your niche along with a free value gift that leads into your paid product.

#4 Create a  simple sales funnel with 2-3 add ons that compliment your original product an example of this could be your paid course followed by a done for you version followed by live access to you and your services.

#5 Create a 7 day follow up sequence to try and recoup sales. Answering any objections a potential customer is having

#6 Give yourself a timeline to complete your project be disciplined with yourself on this.

#7 Make sure all 5 steps are set up before you start running any traffic.

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